Carbon Fiber 3D Premium: Black Square


Premium Plus Line Wrap Vinyl
The 3D satin texture reflects light differently in the highlight and mid-tones, creating beautiful and unexpected visual effects!

Finish/Texture: Satin / Smooth Squared Carbon Fiber texture
Backing paper:  Silicone coated. Reduces orange peel by 70% compared to XPO. None-stick back.
Thickness: 4.5 mils
Expected Longevity: 5-7 years
Warranty: 5 years
Adhesive: Air-release, repositionable, slideable, heat & time activated
Application Method: Dry only!
Conformability: Very High
Usage: Cars, boats, bikes & other vehicles. Exterior & interior applications & for any gloss smooth surfaces.
Skill level needed for installation: Low

Product Information

  • Vvivid+ Premium Carbon Fiber vinyl wrap film with square pattern.
  • This Carbon Fiber wrap is extremely resistant to abrasions.
  • Easy to install due to a smooth texture that also diminishes warping during car wrap installation.
  • Stays clean thanks to it’s smooth finish, does not have a texture like other carbon films. Wax, grease and grime will not rest inside!
  • Especially formulated and made for car wraps, boat wraps and other vehicle wraps.
  • New material formula adds extra conformability and reliability. Enhanced adhesive makes installation and removal a breeze!
  • Improved adhesive over XPO line.
  • Non-stick Silicone coated backing paper which reduces orange peel by 70% compared to XPO backing paper.
  • Safe install: vinyl will not stick to the back of the backing paper!
  • Features an exceptionally high clarity and reflectivity compared to XPO finishes.
  • The superb quality of the glue offers complete repositionability.
  • Vvivid adhesive centerpoint technology was developed to give the film easy repositionability and bubble free installation.
  • Air-release liner also makes Premium Plus films one of the most reliable vinyls on the market.
  • Ideal for long-term fleet and motor sports applications, provides a lightweight, economical alternative to paint.
  • May not be suitable for architectural applications like kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, walls, desks and other furniture as it adheres best to very smooth glossy painted surfaces.
    Use the Pro-line XPO for architectural applications.
  • Marine safe vinyl wrap film; can be used on interior and exterior parts.
  • Every roll is shipped in a strong CORE TUBE to limit damage.

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