Squeegee: 3M Blue


Application squeegee used when applying automotive films.
3M™ Plastic Squeegee, Blue| PA-1/B

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Product Information

  • Medium flex and high glide attributes.
  • Maintains a clean sharp edge after multiple uses.
  • This is the original, application tool & squeegee for the wrap industry.
  • Features high-stability twin ribs for easy handling and pressure control. With a true “I.M.” edge, strong memory.
  • Ideal tool for vinyl wraps, film, graphics, tape, silk screen, and pressure-sensitive applications.
  • More flexible (softer) compared to the 3M Gold or Avery squeeges.
3M™ Plastic Squeegee
Blue| PA-1/B

3M™ Plastic Squeegee
Gold| PA-1/G

3M™ Plastic Squeegee
White| PA-1/W

Soft everyday use squeegee for car wrap install.

Perfect for DIYers

Abrasion-resistant and extremely durable.

For professional use.

Extremely hard and abrasion-resistant.

Especially made for the application of Architectural films like our Wood Grain and 3M™ DI-NOC™ films as well as for professional vehicle wrapping.


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