Ultra Gloss®: Piano Black


The glossiest and deepest black available!
Comes with a protective, stretchable film layer – cap*

Quality: Professional Premium Line vinyl wrap
Finish/Texture: Ultra High Gloss with Cap*
Thickness: 3.8 mils
Expected Longevity: 5-7 years
Warranty: 4 years
Adhesive: Air-release (bubble-free), repositionable, pressure sensitive, Acrylic-based
Application Method: Dry only!
Conformability: Very High
Usage: Cars, boats, bikes & any vehicles. Exterior & interior applications.
Skill level needed for installation: Medium
*Cap is a protective film layer on top of the vinyl that is stretchable and protects the vinyl film from scratches during installation. To be removed after install!
Check installation info below by scrolling to the Product Information section

Product Information

Installation differences:

ULTRA-GLOSS® is the closest you can get to high quality OEM paint with a gloss car wrap. Due to this high gloss finish the vinyl is more difficult to prep/install since every imperfection is more visible through the wrap. Please read the below tips to get the best finish from your ULTRA-GLOSS vinyl car wraps.

Installation tips

1. Clay bar: for most vinyl finishes clay barring has not been necessary but with the dramatic increase in finish clarity, small specs and surface contaminants will show through more likely. Although it is not necessary for the longevity and adhesion of the vinyl wrap, it’s highly suggested for added surface clarity and a perfect finish.

2. Nano Air-release enhances the glossiness of the product, it may be more difficult to remove trapped air over large surfaces. Try to apply the film while holding excess material off the surface being wrapped. This will prevent trapped air and distortions in the vinyl finish. In case of bubbles, press the bubble softly or puncture to move the air out.

3. Stretchable cap: can be left on throughout the entire vehicle wrap process. Please note that the cap hinders pliability of the vinyl by approx. 18%. This means that the vinyl wrap’s performance will be at 82% with the cap on, whereas the uncapped (when you remove the cap before installation) vinyl will install at 100% stretch & pliability.

4. For precision cutting, seams and joints, make sure you remove the cap before install in those areas.

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