Terms & Conditions


All prices are listed in British Pound Sterling (GBP £) and all payments will be charged in GBP.
You may be charged duties / taxes when your order enters the UK by UK Customs. We don’t charge taxes nor duties or any handling fees associated with importation of goods at the time of your purchase from this website. These charges may be charged to you through the shipping company (FedEx ) during final delivery by the UK government and the shipping company. It is your responsibility and is mandated by your government and laws.

All payments are processed through Stripe or PayPal depending on which option you choose during checkout. You don’t need a Stripe or PayPal account to make your purchase. You have a choice to use your credit card, debit card or your Stripe or PayPal account if you have one.  When you purchase a product on www.carwrapsupplier.co.uk the actual payment is done through the Stripe or PayPal website that is run on their server. This is the safest method to guard your information as we don’t handle the payment transaction and all credit card banking information is entered on Stripe’s or PayPal’s highly secure website. We don’t keep your banking/credit card information on our website or servers. All of these information are stored by Stripe & PayPal. The only information we have access to is the address that you input yourself, your name, phone number; your credit card’s last 4 digits and expiration date.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping is 5 to 7 business days after processing of your order. Processing (cutting & packaging) is up to 3 business days. Processing time counting for purchases after 18:00 GMT it is counted from the next business day. We only process orders for shipping during the week. We only ship during the week from Monday to Friday. Any orders between Friday 18:00 and Sunday 24:00 will be counted from the following Monday.

Since we don’t charge taxes (VAT) you will have to pay it as duty or import charges when it enters the UK that will cost you approximately the same. Information by FedEx: https://www.fedex.com/en-gb/billing/duty-tax.html

As soon as we have the shipping tracking number, we will email it to you as a link. Sometimes the tracking number did not fully make it’s way through the tracking system at the time you receive our “Your CWS order shipped” email with the tracking link, so it may show as “Not found”. We have a tracking number even before the package is picked up from us, so check again the next day. For Friday orders it may be that although you have a tracking number but the package did not make it out, so check back on the following Monday evening. If it still does not show, feel free to contact us to check for you!


Vinyl films purchased from CWS are non-returnable. Please make sure you are sure of the vinyl wrap film order before completing your payment. We do recommend ordering vinyl film samples or sample book from our shop here before committing to a large purchase. If you are not sure about any of the vinyl films or about wrapping, please contact us with your questions and concerns before placing an order. We are here to serve You as best as we can! CWS vinyl films are sold only as described on this website. No changes or alterations can be made once the vinyl is shipped.

Exchanging vinyl rolls.

There are no exchanges. Shipping costs and the time it would take makes this impractical.

Defective vinyl films and wrong items received

CWS will replace, or exchange manufacturer’s defective vinyl films (only for those products which are deemed to be incomplete or defective by a company representative) or if the wrong style and/or color of film has been sent. All complaints about vinyl defects or wrong items received have to be proven with pictures! You must send us an email with pictures of the defect or color/style difference along with the issues/problems. You must inform us about defects, wrong items, wrong colors within 10 days from receipt of order. After 10 days of acceptance of your order shipment from the courier the order is considered complete. No replacements, exchanges or refunds issued after product is installed. Please note that products ordered at different times may be from different dye-lots, therefore we can not guarantee a 100% color shade or pattern match. Damage to clear-coat and/or car paint is not under warranty by either CWS or the manufacturers of vinyl films, as it is not the fault of the vinyl film and can be caused by many different factors, such as a damaged clear coat or paint, low quality paint job, repainted surfaces (not OEM paint) or wrong installation and/or removal technique. Please read our installation instructions for proper vinyl film removal techniques and procedures to avoid any damage to paint.