How to use WrapCut knifless tape

WrapCut® Application Process

Step One

WrapCut Step 1
Apply WrapCut to the surface with the filament (tape edge) positioned on the desired trim line. Leave about 4 inches of tape exposed beyond the edge of the film so that the cutting filament can be located. Press both the film and tape down firmly to the surface.

Step Two
WrapCut Step 2
To create a pull tab, use a cutting tool to make a cut or incision in the tape approximately 1 to 2 inches from the end of the tape. Do not cut through the filament.

Step Three
WrapCut Step 3
Placing a finger on the tape where the cut was made, tug the end piece of tape, freeing the end piece of the tape to create a pull tab.

Step Four
WrapCut Step 4
Using the pull tab, pull the bare filament free from the tape and then in the direction of the vinyl right up to the edge where the cutting will begin.

Step Five
WrapCut Step 5
While pressing the film down at the edge where the filament enters, give the filament a quick tug to begin cutting through the vinyl.

Step Six
WrapCut Step 6
Continue pulling the filament with a steady motion along the edge of the tape and at a 45 degree angle towards the direction of the trim line.

Step Seven
WrapCut Step 7
This picture shows half of the tape being removed simultaneously with the film. When the cut is made, the filament cuts the tape into two as well. Under each side of the cut under the two vinyl pieces.

Step Eight
WrapCut Step 8
This picture shows the removal of the other half of the tape from underneath the cut vinyl. Make sure you remove this one too as it will cause premature failure of the wrap if left under the vinyl. WrapCut tape is strong, allowing for easy removal from beneath the film without damaging the film’s edge.