How to wrap a car in Chrome vinyl

Follow this link to the article that breaks down the steps necessary from beginning to end to wrap a vehicle in Vvivid Chrome and achieving the highest standard car wrap.

Important Facts!

Installation of chrome is not recommended for beginners!

  • Even at a professional, expert level, chrome wraps are very difficult and installers make mistakes during install.
  • Make sure you get plenty of extra material when purchasing material for your vehicle.

Chrome vinyl films behave differently and are more sensitive than regular gloss or matte wrap films!

  • Chrome vinyl films stretch less than other vinyl styles. If you over-stretch the film, it will “haze-over” thus becoming more of a matte whitish finish, destroying the chrome effect.
  • Chrome finishes can easily burn/melt and haze-over from the same heat that you would use for gloss or matte films. Use lower, slow heat. Don’t use a torch, only heat gun!
  • Chrome finishes scratch easier and their lifetime (before the color start to fade) is about half of that of gloss and matte films.