How to wrap a car with vinyl

Follow this link to the article that breaks down the steps necessary from beginning to end to fully wrap a vehicle with car wrap vinyl film.

This is the method to install our Pro-XPO and Premium Plus Vvivid vinyls. The basics are the same for all vinyl from different manufacturers, but this guide is especially written for Vvivid vinyl wrap films. It is geared towards Gloss, Matte, Carbon Fiber, Brushed and similar finishes. For chrome vinyl wraps please see this article: How to wrap a car in Chrome vinyl

The article breaks the process down into these 4 parts:

  1. PART ONE: tools, application environment & storage
  2. PART TWO: pre-wrap preparation, cleaning
  3. PART THREE: application, wrapping the car with vinyl
  4. PART FOUR: detailing, corners, edges, post-heating & finishing details